Hello everybody!

Listed below are items that are still available.
Numbers in green like so, "W8[1]", are the quantity left for that particular size.
If there are no stated quantity, then there are still many*.
With each purchase, you will get a medium-sized Crocs canvas bag!
So hurryyy, grab a pair quick!

*While stocks last.

Malindi (RM80)

W5,W6, W7, W8 - Peacock Blue, Berry, Brown, Cottoncandy, Gold, Plum, Watermelon
W6, W7, W8 - Manggo, Sky Blue, Pulse
W5[1],W6[1], W8[1] - Turquoise
W6[1], W8[1] - Chocolate
W5[1], W6[3]
- Silver

Malindi leopard (RM85)
W5,W6, W7, W8 - Gold/Black, Cottoncandy/Black

Olivia (RM70)
W5,W6, W7, W8 - Red, New Gold
W6, W7, W8 - Brown, Ultraviolet
W6 - Black

Prima Zebra (RM90)
W6, W7[1] - Silver

W6[4], W8[1] - Red
W5[1] - Navy/Light Blue

Cyprus (RM150)
W7[1] - Black/Silver
W7 - Black/Black

Audrey (RM80)
W7[2]- Pink/Purple
W6[1]- Chocolate/Turquoise
W7[1]- Black/White

Off Road (RM100)
M7, M8, M9, M10 - Chocolate/Khaki, Army Green/Orange
M7, M10 - Navy Blue/Charcoal, Red/Black

Baya (RM80)
M7/W9, M8/W10, M9/W11 - Chocolate, Khaki
M5/W7[1], M6
/W8[2] - Pearl White
M5/W7, M6/W8 - Red

Crocband (RM105)
M7/W9, M8/W10 - Bubblegum

M6/W8, M7/W9, M8/W10 - Green
M6/W8, M7/W9 - Black

Patricia (RM90)
W8, W9 - Brown/Walnut
W9[1] - Black/Black

Athens (RM85)
M4/W6, M5/W7, M6/W8 - Chocolate/Light Blue, Navy/Pearl White, Navy/Khaki
M5/W7 - Black/Red

Minnie Janes (RM75)
C2/3[2], C3/4[1] - Red/White
C2/3[1], C3/4[2] - Gold/Chocolate

Spongebob (RM70)
12/13[1] - Yellow/Red

Kids Disney Mickey (RM70)
6/7[1], 10/11[1], 12/13[1] - Yellow, Sea Blue

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